Open Water

Our Open Water certification program is designed so that you receive all of the necessary class room, pool sessions, and open water sessions to be a fully Open Water certified diver. This method ensures that you get the best and most through dive education possible.

This Open Water certification is the first step in your recreational adventure. It gives you a passport to visit the underwater world where only 5% of the entire world’s population has dared venture.

Minimum Requirements

  • No certifications required
  • Minimum age 12
  • Basic Physical fitness and No major illnesses

Completion Requirements

  • Open Water check out dive sessions
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Our Certification Process

Step 1 – Class Registration

Start the certification process by coming in or contacting Dolphin Dive Center directly about our Open Water course. We teach Open Water the first weekend of EVERY month.

After you complete registration you will receive an email with your online training materials for Open Water certification. You will need to complete the online training material before your classroom and pool sessions.

Step 2 – Classroom & Pool Sessions

You will meet with your Dive Instructor in both the classroom and designated pool over the course of two days. You will start out both days at Dolphin Dive Center for your classroom sessions. After each classroom session you will break briefly before heading to the pool to begin your scuba skills training!

You will then be ready to complete your Open Water certification with Dolphin Dive Center on our regularly scheduled certification trips!

Step 3 – Open Water Checkout Dives

Open water checkout dives are the final step of your scuba certification where you will bring your knowledge, experience, equipment, and skills together. You will assemble your equipment and then complete the skills performed in the pool, with your instructor, in an open body of water.

These dives are normally conducted the third weekend of every month at either Lake Jocassee or Vortex Springs depending on the time of year. All costs of open water checkout dives are included with your course payment*.


The total price of your Open Water certification is three payments of $595*. These three payments cover life-time access to the course’s digital learning materials, instructor fees, air tank fees, all classroom and pool sessions, equipment rental (dive computer & buoyancy compensator), and the open water checkout dives with your instructor.

It also includes the purchase of mask, fins, snorkel, full wet suit, and gear bag that become your very own personal dive equipment as they are yours to keep.

*Note food and transportation not included with Open Water certification trip.