Discover Diving

Discover Diving is an active participation class to the world of scuba diving. You will get to experience the world of scuba in a confined and controlled water environment.

Come have an introduction to the underwater world of scuba where we will help answer some questions for people curious about scuba diving, such as:

  • Do you wonder how scuba diving works?
  • Not sure if scuba diving is your kind of sport?
  • Would you be anxious about breathing under water?

This class can work for a single person or group. So if you, your family, or even social circle are curious this is the perfect way to come and experience scuba diving in the safest manner possible.

If you enjoy this class it could be your first step in your recreational adventures with scuba diving!

Current Course
Discover Scuba class via SSI
Next Course
Open Water Diver Certification via SSI

You can contact us directly by email, phone, or complete the form on this page so one of our staff can contact you to discuss and schedule your discovering scuba diving experience!