Key Largo

Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys are the string of coral islands at the southern tip of Florida with the last key being the southern most inhabited point in the United States. They enjoy the well earned reputation among divers and snorkelers as the place where the American waters turn tropical making it the destination for scuba diving and snorkeling! Being one of the most visited dive sites in the world it has often been called the “Dive Capital of the World”.

While the Florida Keys do have a number of scuba diving locations some of the best sites are to be found at Key Largo. The first key in the chain it boasts a number of spots for recreational adventure. Key Largo is also home to the world’s second largest artificial reef, the 510 foot USS Spiegel Grove. Key Largo also includes the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park which contains Molasses Reef.

Dolphin Dive Center often utilizes this dive site for our Open Water certification course completion and several of our dive trips.

Available Courses
Open Water Diver Certification via SSI
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