MARS 4740 Course

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What is MARS 4740?

MARS 4740 is an upper level science elective course offered at the University of Georgia. The class is open to all students of all majors. This course makes great divers! Beyond basic scuba skills, students will have the opportunity to work underwater and develop many different skills. Our students learn to do things like: survey a mock shipwreck, talk underwater using full-face masks, operate underwater scooters, and practice using reels and measuring tapes underwater. Once completed, students receive 2 upper level science elective credits. Students have the option to earn their full scuba certification by accompanying Dolphin Dive Center on a dive trip to Vortex Springs, Lake Jocassee, or the Florida Keys to complete their open water check out dives.

What are the Costs Associated with the Course?

Lab Fee – $295: covers the cost of scuba gear used throughout the semester and tank air fills

Gear Fee – $179: covers the cost of fins, snorkel, mask, gear bag, and book

*If students already own their own mask, fins, snorkel, they can purchase just the course books for $90*

Open Water Check Out Fee – $295 (Optional) Students are not required to pay this fee if they choose not to complete their certification. This fee covers the cost of diving fees, instructor fees, certification fees, rental equipment, and park fees for the checkout dive trip.


Have other questions about the course? Give us a call at 706-548-3483.