Fun Friday Scuba Flicks – 3/15/13!

Below are two videos of incredible encounters with scuba divers and wild sea life. In my opinion, the divers in both flicks took unnecessary risks — what do you think?

Wow, right? Wonder if that sea lion pup knew there was a hungry shark down below?? Am I the only one who thought that? 🙂

This second video literally makes my skin crawl! …enjoy. 🙂

Thanks for watching. Any thoughts or reactions? Leave us a comment ~ let us know you were here!

2 Replies to “Fun Friday Scuba Flicks – 3/15/13!”

  1. Especially if the pup was just cold and needed to be out of the water to warm up, it’s cool that the diver let it hang out on the kayak. For me, I was so surprised the diver was diving at night, alone. Pretty dangerous, I think. Though, who knows how much experience he has. Maybe an ex-SEAL?? Thanks for commenting, John!

  2. Hard to know what to do with the seal pup. It would be cool to hang out with it for a while, but, if you paddle in with it, are you taking it away from its mother ? Are you saving it from a shark ? Who knows. I guess you just enjoy the experiance and the rest will work itself out. I think he probably did the right thing.
    John J.

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