Fun Friday Scuba Flicks 1/17/13

This week’s scuba flicks share a common theme: Divers With Disabilities. Scuba diving is a sport accessible to virtually everyone, the young and the old, men and women, and yes, the disabled. Imagine the frustrations on being confined to a wheelchair suddenly lifted in the weightless environment of the underwater world. Consider the veteran who returned from the battlefield to navigate life with missing limbs or with the added burden of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The following videos celebrate how people have used scuba diving as a means of grabbing life by the horns in the face of physical and emotional challenges. Enjoy!

First up: A French quadruple amputee sets a new diving world record.

Next, Sue Austin has such an incredible perspective regarding her life in a wheelchair. Her 3-minute-long talk before she shares her dive video is inspiring and eye-opening. This video in total is nearly 10 minutes long, but her shared experiences are well worth the time.

This last video shows disabled vets doing their OW check-out dive. The viz is horrendous, makes me think of Lake Joccassee on a sunny day! But the sense of pride and success on these divers’ faces brought a tear to my eye.

Thanks for watching! Have a fantastic weekend. Happy diving!

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