Advanced Open Water Diver

Scuba Diving Athens GAThe Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) certification course at Dolphin Dive Center (DDC) will take your diving experience to the next level. Taking specialty courses is a great way to hone your skills and learn new ones. Pursuing continued diver education allows you to dive in a wider range of underwater environments and prepares you for any diving situation that could occur. As a Scuba Schools International (SSI) partner, DDC adhere’s to SSI certification requirements:  “To earn the certification for Advanced Open Water Diver, you must complete 4 specialty courses and have done a total of 24 dives.” (Source)

Dolphin Dive Center Athens GA

Once a diver earns the Specialty Diver rating (by completing 12 logged dives and 2 specialty courses), he or she is ready to work towards the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.  To earn this recognition, the diver will log 12 more dives (for a total of 24) and complete 2 more specialty courses.

Dolphin Dive Center feels the most important specialty courses for an Advanced Diver to be certified in are: Deep Water Diving, Navigation, Night and Limited Visibility Diving, and Wreck Diving. So DDC teaches Deep Water and Navigation for the Specialty Diver rating, and Night/Low Vis and Wreck to finish up the Advanced Open Water certification.

For more information about Dolphin Dive Center’s Advanced Open Water Diver certification courses, class schedules, and prices, call us at (706) 548-3483.